What is PacketViz?

PacketViz is a general packet or interaction graphing tool that can be used in a variety of applications including:
  • Cache coherency "protocol flow diagrams"
  • Networking packet diagrams
  • Dynamic software interaction diagrams

What is the status of PacketViz?

PacketViz is relatively stable having been used hundreds of times to analyze cache coherency simulations.

Example Screenshots

Cache Coherence

PacketViz Screenshot

News Feeder Service

News Feeder Service Diagram

How do I Run PacketViz?

PacketViz can be run with as an executable jar archive.

% jar -jar pktviz-dist-x.y.z.jar 

If you'd like to get a quick example to try out, download the source distribution and use an example ".pkt" file from the examples directory.
% jar -jar pktviz-dist-x.y.z.jar examples/example-abc.pkt

What platforms does PacketViz support?

PacketViz is written in the Java 5.0 language 100% Java, and should support any OS that can run a JVM version 5.0 or better.  It has been most recently tested on JRE 1.6.0. Logo